someone having external genitalia of one sex and internal sex organs of the other sex; not a true hermaphrodite because there is no ambiguity in the sex of the external genitalia and hence no question about gender at birth
Derivationally related forms: ↑pseudohermaphroditic
Hypernyms: ↑bisexual, ↑bisexual person
having internal reproductive organs of one sex and external sexual characteristics of the other sex
Similar to: ↑androgynous
Derivationally related forms: ↑pseudohermaphrodite (for: ↑pseudohermaphroditic)

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\\“+\ noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary pseud- + hermaphrodite; probably originally formed in French
: an individual exhibiting pseudohermaphroditism

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pseudohermaphroditic /sooh'doh heuhr maf'reuh dit"ik/, adj.pseudohermaphroditism /sooh'doh herr maf"reuh duy tiz'euhm/, pseudohermaphrodism /sooh'doh herr maf"reuh diz'euhm/, n.
/sooh'doh herr maf"reuh duyt'/, n.
an individual having internal reproductive organs of one sex and external sexual characteristics resembling those of the other sex or being ambiguous in nature. Cf. hermaphrodite (def. 1).

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